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Important Things to Learn about the Breeze Block Facade

Important Things to Learn about the Breeze Block Facade

What is the breeze block facade? A breeze block refers to a kind of block, whether it is made from bricks, wood pieces, or even glasses, with ornamented holes. This idea was initially more often found in tropical houses. Yes, such houses need more ventilation to make sure that the interior is more refreshing. But nowadays, it is not only for tropical houses. No matter where you are living, it is good to apply a facade constructed from breeze blocks to make the home living look more beautiful.

Functions of Breeze Blocks in the Home Construction
The main function of the breeze block construction is to create a more effective air circulation system in the room. Along with the windows, this item is also installed to let sunshine enter the home well. There is no need to turn on the light in the morning or afternoon anyway. But since the design of the blocks is various, it is now functioned to beautify the house more. There is no need to put too many ornaments inside as the wall itself has been artistic.
There are many types of facade arranged from breeze blocks. One of them is the facade that is attached and unified to the construction of the house. In general, it is to replace the solid wall that is made without any holes or ornaments. It is better to apply this type of facade in certain rooms like the living room, lounge, or even kitchen. For the kitchen, the facade is intended to make it healthier.
Another type of facade made from breeze blocks is to be a fence. Similar to other fences, the breeze block external wall is not made attached to the house. You can use it to protect the home exterior like the garden and more. Sure, compared to other types of fence, this one is more permanent, yet still beautiful and artistic.
In general, a facade made from breeze blocks is made with the following size; the length is around 6.5 meters and the height is only around 1.5 meters. This type of facade is necessary for a one-floor house. But in case you want to build a house with 2 floors or more, of course, the facade should be higher than that. You can also apply a facade with such sizes for certain areas like the breeze block garage.

Benefits of Applying a Facade from Breeze Blocks
The application of breeze blocks to build up a facade is not without any reason. As it has been mentioned above, it is mainly to smooth the air and sunshine circulation. As a result, the room inside with breeze blocks tends to be healthier and more refreshing. Another function as well as benefit is for artistic reasons. Breeze blocks, no matter the design, are always more beautiful than conventional bricks. When those blocks are arranged into a wall, it will form a certain pattern and this is how the facade like the breeze block garden room looks really stunning for the house.
Still related to the function above, the application of breeze block facade is proven to reduce the growth of mold and bacteria even more than 50%. Of course, it depends on the area with the facade. Breeze blocks enable you to let your house “open” while still making it safe and secure. Sure, still it is basically still a wall; a facade is different from a door or window in which a stranger can enter when it is opened.
The next benefit is that the facade made from breeze blocks can be applied in any type of building. It is great for the residence for sure. For example, it is used as the breeze block garden wall. But at the same time, the facade is good as well for offices and public places. Even many high buildings and skyscrapers use this idea in some of the parts.
Not only this idea is applied for the exterior design, but a facade is also a solution to separate one room from another. For example, it becomes an effective partition for the director and secretary’s rooms. At home interior design, it is a good way to separate the kitchen with the dining room. Well, those rooms should be placed in different areas without being completely separated.

Lacks of Applying a Facade from Breeze Blocks
For the patterned holes in the blocks, it means that privacy is a little bit interrupted. That’s why; the idea of breeze blocks is not for all parts of the house but only some of them. Of course, you cannot use it to surround a bedroom or a toilet. Some areas that are good with breeze blocks are only the kitchen, dining room, living room, or maybe as breeze block garden sheds.
When building up a facade using breeze blocks, the calculation must also be accurate. The intensity of sunshine to enter must be considered as well so that the room will not be too hot. So, it is better if the facade is not placed in the direction where the sunshine is entered directly. Sure, you can feel not comfortable that way.
Breeze block wall ideas are also not as strong as conventional bricks. It is even when you apply the breeze block cement that is made from the same material as the conventional wall. The main reason is because of the hole for sure. During the construction, it must be done very carefully. As information, this type of block doesn’t have a key system between the arrangements of two blocks.

Types of Breeze Blocks for the Facade
Aside from breeze blocks from cement that are well-known the most, breeze blocks is made from other materials. They include wooden, iron, and glass breeze blocks. Unfortunately, beside glass and cement breeze blocks, other blocks are not too recommended to be placed outside. Well, iron blocks tend to corrode due to the weather as well as wooden blocks that are simply rotten. But so far, placing them inside is not a problem at all. Make sure to buy qualified products from the store near your area like the breeze block Florida.
So, what are you waiting for? for the healthier and more beautiful home living, breeze blocks are the right answer whether it is for the breeze block front fence or other types of the breeze block facade.

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