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Breeze Block Wall Construction

4 Functions and Benefits of the Breeze Block Wall Construction

What is the breeze block wall construction? The construction is also known as the rooster wall, commonly seen in tropical houses. It consists of blocks with ornamented holes to let air breeze come in. It has various shapes and designs like plaid, ovals, striped, floral, and many more. Sure, even if you are not living in a tropical area, it is not bad to have it at home. So, what are the functions and benefits of applying the breeze block to the wall construction? 

Here they are.
Providing an Air Circulation System
Often, windows are not enough to provide a circulation system. Moreover, it is when the home is left by the owners, letting items like windows and doors be closed. This is how you should have the breeze block wall. Ventilation block materials enable air to come and go smoothly so that the house tends to be healthier and more refreshing. The sunlight can also be entered more properly this way. With enough sunlight even when the doors and windows are closed, it avoids things like fungi and mold to grow.

A Unique Permanent Partition between 2 Areas or More
Partition is often used to separate 2 rooms or more. But for certain rooms like the living room, family room, kitchen, and dining room, the partition should not be permanent. This way, the home can look larger and more spacious. You can use a certain partition type like glass for sure. But if you just want the home interior to look more artistic, the breeze block wall construction is a better choice. The construction should not be too high and cross the ceiling. 

Good for All Types of Building
If you think that the breeze block wall is only for home living, you are wrong. This idea is great to apply to any type of building including offices, malls, apartments, and others. Just like the conventional residence, offices and others may need to incompletely separate one room to another. Well, this type of breeze block wall is a good answer.

Beautifying the Home Interior
Aside from its main function to provide a good circulation system, this idea is also to beautify the interior of your home. Of course, if you place it outside, the construction may beautify the exterior as well. Choose one of them that meet the design and idea of your home living. This way, the breeze block wall construction will work better.

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