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 Breeze Block Vancouver

DIY Project to Build a Solid Breeze Block Vancouver BBQ

Thinking of using a breeze block Vancouver for barbequing? Why not? This is one of the best solutions you can take to create a barbequing surface at a relatively low cost to grill meats and entertain your guests. The ventilation block materials used will also double up as an on budget-outdoor fireplace during the cold months. 

Step 1 – Define the Location 
The first thing you should do is decide where you will place the breeze block. Make sure that you select an area with good drainage. This is also important for you to find a spot with good accessibility, including access to water for cleaning and cooking. You can mark the area by using stakes with a size of 70” by 33”. Make sure you provide an area for a chimney with the projection around 17” by 21”.

Step 2 – Construct the Base
To build a base for the barbeque surface, you need to dig dirt around 10 to 12 inches from the spot you have marked before. Then, continue to build a frame by creating a mix of ½ sand and ½ gravel placed in a wheelbarrow. Make sure to shovel the mixture into the trench’s bottom. The mixture should also be firm and level to produce a solid sub base.

Step 3 – Lay the Chimney
The next thing you should do when creating a breeze block Vancouver barbeque is laying the chimney by using 7 chimney blocks. Make sure to position the smoke inlet opening close in the spot where you want to install the metal grate. This is to ensure the optimum airflow of the breeze block barbeque.

Step 4 – Construct the BBQ
When building the barbeque, you need to lay the first row of the breeze block on the foundation to allow you to construct the fireplace’s sides. Make sure to keep the building upon the row. The width of the row used for the fireplace grate should not more than 19 inches. In this stage, there will be no mortar needed and make sure to be careful with the positioning.

Step 5 – Install the Grate
The last step for creating a barbeque made of a solid breeze block Vancouver is installing the grate. You will need the height of 3 blocks all-around to help you install the grate easily. After that, lay the grate on top of the blocks. Leave the grate for 3 days to let it dry completely before you start barbequing.

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