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5 Creative Ways to Use Breeze Block

5 Creative Ways to Use Breeze Block Vietnam for Home Decoration
One of the nicest things about breeze block Vietnam is that it can be used for various purposes. Not only for constructing walls, but you can also use the breeze block to decorate your home. Here are 5 creative and easy ways you can do to upgrade your home design with a breeze block.

#1. Work Desk with Breeze Blocks
If you are bored with the work desk designs out there, why not make one by yourself? Yep! You can create a work desk made of ventilation block materials. All you need to make the desk is just a wooden board for the desk surface and four breeze blocks as the legs. Meanwhile, the gaps in the blocks can be used as drawers. 

#2. Bed Base
You can create a cool bed base by using breeze blocks. You only need to lay the breeze blocks to make the bed base. Then, make sure to put a piece of plywood on top of the blocks to lay the mattress down. To make it more interesting, you can paint the breeze blocks to coordinate the color of your bedroom. As a bonus, you can have additional storage nooks provided by the holes of the breeze blocks.

#3. Stacked Storage
Are you looking for the best place to keep your collection? You can use the breeze block Vietnam as storage shelves where you can keep your belongings in style. You don’t even need wooden boards to create the shelves. In doing this, you only need to stack the breeze blocks wherever you want. Then, fill the gaps exist between the blocks. To add colors to the blocks, you can paint them with bright colors to cheer up the room.

#4. Nightstand with Breeze Blocks
If you think that a bedside table is too ordinary, placing a nightstand made of breeze blocks can be one of the best alternatives. This can be a great place for you to place a clip-on light and favorite books. As an alternative, you can also place the nightstand with breeze blocks in the corner of your bedroom.

#5. Fire Pit
Are you the kind of person who loves to spend time outdoors even in cold months? This fire pit made of breeze block Vietnam can be a great idea to try. You only need 16 breeze blocks to create this simple but beautiful fire pit. It will help you to keep warm and socialize with friends in winter.

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