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Breeze Block UK

Types of Breeze Block UK to Know

The use of breeze blocks in the UK can be dated back to the early twentieth century. The name of the “breeze block” itself comes from its industrial processes that often involve waste products. The ventilation block materials usually included in the process are a breeze (ash) and clinker. They are strong, more affordable, and come with several types available for you to choose from. 

Dense Aggregate Block
The dense aggregate breeze block UK was used for the first time in the 1940s. They are often considered the “work-horse” in today’s industry of construction. One of the reasons that make this dense aggregate block is popular in the industry is that it is durable and strong. Not only that but the dense aggregate block is often seen as a cost-effective solution for a wide range of load-bearing walls. As the name suggests, the property is made of aggregates, sand, and cement. The dense aggregate breeze block is eco-friendly as it is reusable, especially if uses lime mortars. It also comes with a typical thermal conductivity of 0.70 to 1.28 W/ mK. 

Lightweight Aggregate Block
Most of the time, this lightweight aggregate breeze block UK is produced in a larger volume. However, due to the weight, this kind of breeze block is usually less strong than dense blocks. The product is usually used in both external and internal walls. This type of breeze block is made of cement and various man-made or natural aggregates such as PFA and FBA. It will be an ideal option to take especially if the loading of the construction is a bit more restricted. The lightweight aggregate block can also be applied to the walls where the infill blocks in a beam. The breeze block is usually chosen due to the effective combination of the lighter unit weight and higher insulating properties used. Additionally, the property is also time- and money-saving when it is applied to larger units. Not to mention the easier handling benefit that the constructor will enjoy.

Aerated Concrete
Aerated concrete breeze block UK is also often called an "aircrete" block. This type of breeze block is originally from Sweden and has been used in the United Kingdom since the 1960s. The aerated concrete block is the lightest breeze block you can find in the construction industry. It is made of pulverized fuel ash (PFA), lime, cement, sand, and water. The aerated concrete block is often chosen by constructors due to its ability to perform insulation or a dual structural function.

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